On November 10th the Telecommunications Commission launched a public consultation process to review the continued appropriateness of the current Mobile Termination Rate upper limit of $0.15.

Second Review of Mobile Termination Rate


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In this Decision, the Telecommunications Commission (the “Commission”) has determined that reductions in the current MTR of US $0.15 per minute in TCI should be phased in over the course of three years, such that the MTR charged by all mobile operators in TCI should be no higher than the following maxima:

I) After March 31, 2011: US$0.1100.
II) After March 31, 2012: US $0.0975.
III) After March 31, 2013: US $0.0850.

The Commission recommends that Advisory Council amend the Interconnection and Access to Telecommunications facilities Regulations of 2005, to include the reduced MTR as soon as practical so that the first reduction in the MTR can be implemented by April 1,2011 or soon as possible thereafter.

TCI MTR Review Decision

Second review of MTR